I think I’ve found a solution! A nail art that’s so approachable and subtle enough to wear even if you’ve never been one to apply a sequin or go graphic with your polish – the half moon!

I know it’s not radical or out there, but that is perfect for me – or anyone who is most inclined to nails that can be worn anywhere (office, out to dinner, meetings…) without a second thought. I was with my friends Amy and Renée and they completely inspired me to try this out in white, my default polish color.

And what I love the most, is that, once it starts to chip, it’s fairly easy to do at home. Just bring a steady hand and your color of choice, plus a clear polish for base and top coat. First, shape and clean nails. Then use a base coat. Third, take your color of choice and, using a toothpick or something similar, dip it in the polish and draw an arc on your nail as a border/outline – fill in the larger section using the polish brush. Apply a second coat of color on the same area. Finish with a top coat of clear polish. Voila!


We are going to continue with the blog as usual, because it’s the only thing we can do and we can’t let ourselves succumb to this.


But today, more than ever, I wanted to send you a message of love, of kindness, of brotherhood and peace. In my name, and on behalf of my team.


I want to send you light and warmth, because we will never be able to make sense of the horror.

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